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We are leaving a legacy to inspire millions of people across the world to celebrate and promote the best that humanity offers for all people and future generations.

It’s kind of like Stonehenge, sort of…

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What is the Ode to Humanity?

It’s a Vision

It’s a vision for a brighter future. In the short time of human existence, societies have progressed beyond tribal wars, pharaoh level slavery, religious crusades, and genocidal world wars. Terrible sicknesses and disease have been conquered. Corrupt governments have been toppled. Individual right has been won with bloodshed. Glass ceilings shattered, and walls were torn down. Dreams become reality.

The Ode to Humanity is a monument among monuments surrounded by a nature park and trails. Every monument sheds light on the humanity of people, societies, and religions all over the world. The central Ode to Humanity Monument inspires unity in humanity and lifting ever higher future generations.

How does the partnership work?

Partner – Clients

Apomark serves small and medium-sized businesses through strategic marketing planning and execution. Apomark partners with their clients and portion of the profits are allocated to the realization of the Ode to Humanity.

How to join the partnership?

Hire Apomark

Hire Apomark. Clients who partner with Apomark play an integral role in the Ode to Humanity. By hiring Apomark, businesses grow, investing in marketing expands, and mutually beneficial professional relationships are grown.

The participants in the in the partnership benefit from correlation with a human cause. Silent partners are valued for their contributions that happen behind the scenes. The mission is to share in an effort to promote and excel the progress of humanity, no matter where people reside.


What do we mean by humanity?

The Best of Humanity

Humanity, by definition, encompasses the human race, benevolence, or humaneness and the study and learning of the arts, literature, history, music, philosophy and human culture.

The best that humanity has to offer looks at every stride made towards a more humane, intelligent, and mutually beneficial existence among all living beings.

We believe that the fate of the human race will depend largely on their continued progress in humanity.

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