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A three phase process to a long-term partnership.
Three Phase ProcessPartnership Process

Three Phase Process

Phase 1 – Hire Apomark

The first step is hiring Apomark to prepare a strategic marketing plan. The marketing plan outlines the most ideal approaches to achieving business objectives. We present the plan and our goal is to earn the business and execute on the marketing plan.

Phase 2 – Research & Strategy Preparation

Research begins with a 90-minute deep dive into the organization. We establish clear expectations and discover the business goals and objectives. Based on the findings, we prepare a strategic marketing plan that outlines the most ideal projects and methods for achieving and exceeding business goals and objectives.

Phase 3 – Partner with Apomark

A business can choose to keep the marketing plan or partner with Apomark. Businesses who partner with Apomark increase the likelihood of achieving their business objectives. Apomark closes the gap in opportunity cost and maximizes the ROI on all marketing strategies. We value our partner clients and focus on both the short and long term success.

Partnership Process

1 - Foundations

Marketing achieves the best results when built upon a foundation. Nearly all outbound marketing materials and projects are targeted to a specific audience, carries a message, and represents the company’s brand. The foundation of marketing includes three primary documents: strategic target personas, strategic branding, and strategic messaging.

2 - Return On Investment

The bottom line circulates around money and cash flow. Our projects are designed to increase cash flow and return net positive investments. We discover a starting baseline of each business objective. The baseline is founded on current results. Our marketing campaigns provide meaningful data and return on investments (ROI) results.

3 - Discover Success

Discovering and optimizing products and services is found in the data. Businesses that focus on learning from customers and clients are better prepared to meet and exceed expectations. Success quickly follows. We interact with customers and client using known processes to optimize the marketing and quality of products and services.

4 - Capitalize On Success

Once we discover success, the decisions to increase success is either vertical or horizontal. Horizontal growth looks at onboarding additional marketing strategies. Each strategy follows a specific process to extract meaningful data & track ROI. Likewise, vertical growth builds and expands on the success of current marketing efforts.

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