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Apomark is a comprehensive marking resource. The founder and CEO, Clint Post launched the company to serve companies who are struggling to meet their goals.

Our marketing specialists are excellent and experience in your industry.

Strategic Planning

Progress begins and ends with strategic planning. Apomark provides data analytics, competition analysis, and foundation marketing strategies.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is an act of service focused on positive change and growth. We offer consulting, planning, and execution to achieve your goals.

Digital Marketing

The new age of marketing is digital marketing. Digital marketing focuses on managing digital footprints, driving traffic, and reputation management.

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About the Founder

Clint Post is a passionate, exceptional marketer. Prior to launching Apomark, he served as the Director of Marketing at a medical management agency.

Over the last ten years, Clint has helped dozens of medical-related organizations to achieve and exceed their goals.

He earned a masters in Social Tech from Arizona State University where he focused his studies on human influence and persuasion.

Clint began a conscious study on human influence at the ripe young age of thirteen. Going from homeschool to public school, he realized he was missing a skill set of social interaction. Intrigued, he began studying and experimenting on the best ways to interact with people. As a result, Clint became a sort of chameleon among the jocks, geeks, outliers and every social group in his high school.

He began marketing at the age of 16 with the launch of his first company later known as Red Rock Violin & Fiddle, a music education company.

(Little known secret: Clint was known as the candy bar guy and sold candy bars at his locker for nearly his entire sophomore junior years. That is… until the Principal shut it down.)

Over the last 15-years, Clint launched and sold multiple companies, discovered academics, achieved a bachelors degree in human communications with an emphasis in marketing, and earned a masters degree from Arizona State University.

During this time, Clint pursued his passion for serving others. He studies languages and cultures, speaks fluent Argentine Spanish (Castellano), and is currently studying Hindi and Hindu culture.

Clint has a background in human influence and persuasion, photojournalism, video marketing, traditional marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, print collateral, copywriting, UX/UI design, coding languages, and software and application development. He is a chameleon of marketing which gives him the ability to achieve exceptional results for his clients.

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